Ansua Dutta

I feel very strongly about telling stories and want my writing to touch other people’s hearts.  I think that it is time to introduce a new kind of writing, one that becomes simpler again and that brings back the old tradition of story-telling. To tell a story that is eternal, yet specific, realistic, yet surreal, uplifting, yet down-to-earth.

Colours are materials of dream. The waking hours are spent breathing life on white canvas, wooden boards and empty walls. Splashing joy and erotic, silence and music. And in my sleep, the colours come alive and live their own lives and spin their own destinies. Beloved paint!

My garden comes alive in spring and summer. Subtle tones of blues, pinks and whites dance lightly in harmony to the different shades of green. This is perhaps the greatest art, creating beauty with living plants that need equal parts of coaxing, tending, good manure, water, sun and a huge bit of love. And what I am receive is far more than what I have given or ever can.


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She stands at my door,

dripping green water –

a white water-lily

entangled in her matted hair.

Her eyes burn like

red-green fire,

flames leap up

to turn to rainbow dust

in the thin night air.

And she smells,


She smells of the black soil

of dense forests

and the crests of foamy waves

of wild seas.

She smells of the slimy algae

of dark pools

and the smooth back

of singing humpbacks.


She waits.



For me

to call






Schiesshohl 19

65529 Waldems